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Within the limits of a structured, secure environment, the child makes some of the choices which will enable him or her to grow and become less dependent upon parents and teachers. At TLC Infant & Preschool, we try to communicate values not with words, but with actions. We teach respect by treating the children as unique, worthy individuals. Even encouraging sharing teaches a value: Fairness and just treatment of all.

The academic curriculum of the “little learners” classes is also developmental appropriate. Children are free to move around the various learning centers among a book corner, an art area, a block and manipulative section and a housekeeping/kitchen center, all in a safe environment which encourages the exploration of a wide variety of media.

At all times there is an understanding of the constant two-year-old testing of limits as part of their developing a healthy sense of self. To further this self esteem, teachers praise children’s accomplishments, helping them to feel increasingly competent and in control of themselves.

Two Year Olds


Two Year Olds Education “Little Learners”

Specialized literacy-based program for 2 year olds

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TLC Infant and Preschool

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