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TLC Infant & Preschool Center is  family owned and operated, opening its doors in 1992.  For more than 23 years, we have kept our commitment to providing the best childcare to families in the North Miami Dade and Southern Broward areas.

TLC Infant and Preschool Center carries out its mission by establishing and maintaining a program of high-quality school care for children of the community.  The purpose is to provide a safe, secure and caring setting in which children are nurtured in a carefully crafted learning environment.  Our center maintains a positive atmosphere for all children and their parents.  We provide teachers who will implement our belief of a child exploring the limits of his environment and individual abilities while using a developmentally appropriate curriculum.  

TLC Infant and Preschool is an innovative, community-oriented center designed to include parent participation and unique "intergenerational" relationships. Our attention to detail in the Center design, staff and curriculum will show you that your child is of prime importance to us.

Something special happens when young children and older adults are brought together in a combined childcare/nursing home setting. Association with the elderly teaches children a healthy and positive understanding of the normal aging process. Our senior residents can share a wealth of lifetime experiences and give children the warmth and security of a foster grandparent relationship.

The Center is conveniently located adjacent to the Cross Gardens Care Center, a skilled nursing facility for the elderly. Our innovative "intergenerational" concept is unique to this area. TLC Infant & Preschool is committed to providing the finest childcare…and keeping the "magic" in childhood.

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